About Our Committees

The ACLC hosts peer-learning discussions with providers and industry partners on the practical implementation of value-based competencies. The discussions take place in provider-led committees with the collective knowledge synthesized and shared nationally. Provider committees will be joined by sponsoring organizations also contributing their knowledge to the discussions. All ACLC members will have an opportunity to observe committee discussions. Guests are invited to bring additional expertise as appropriate. Click on each committee topic to learn more about the topic being discussed, the committee members, and the resources that have been/will be developed.

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Provider Competencies:

  • Commit organization to value-based operations
  • Identify and develop value-oriented leaders
  • Identify and engage high-value provider partners
  • Establish teams to carry out value-based objectives
  • Assess HIT infrastructure needs for value-based operations
  • Revise current HIT strategy to achieve value-based objectives
  • Adjust internal capacity and resources to meet population needs
  • Adjust partnerships to optimize capacity and resources
  • Provide care team access to all relevant patient data
  • Establish value-based contracts
  • Ensure exeternal stakeholder involvement 
  • Educate all stakeholders on value-based efforts
  • Assess financial requirements for value-based operations
  • Establish parameters for financial collaboration with partners
  • Align profressional and financial incentives with value-based operations Ingest and aggregate all available patient information
  • Use patient information to inform care delivery approach
  • Incorporate patient direction and feedback into care delivery efforts
  • Use evidence-based care guidelines to inform care delivery efforts
  • Account for social determinants of health (SDOH) in care delivery efforts
  • Ensure effective care transitions between all settings

Special Topics:

  • Optimize medication management (Starting Jan '20)
  • Increase adult immunizations
  • Establish value contracts for device/pharmaceuticals
  • Incorporating rural health needs
  • Integrate health and mental health services


These committees will develop industry resources that focus that may include Case Study Briefs (CSBs), competency guides (a more detailed description of the competency) and webinars. Each committee will develop a discussion agenda that identifies the main components of the competency, important information to share with industry, clarification on terminology, and relevant industry resources that are most beneficial to industry success in value.