ACLC Mission

The ACLC brings together the top ACO performers and industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed. 

The ACLC will accelerate the transition to accountable care by identifying the care delivery competencies needed for providers to succeed in risk-bearing payment models. 

As the accountable care movement progresses, organizations are transitioning from “what to do” to “how to do it.”  The ACLC brings together the top performers in accountable care and industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed.

In collaborative forums, members contribute their understanding and experience in the real world of accountable care implementation.  Members participate in identifying, defining, and creating a framework of the competencies all risk-bearing entities need to succeed.

The formation of the ACLC was accelerated by its affiliation with the former Brooking’s ACO Learning Network, which for over six years provided workshops, intelligence and networking to providers and other industry organizations.  Members of the Learning Network have joined the ACLC to continue advancing to the ACLC’s new mission.