ACLC Misson

The ACLC brings together the top ACO performers and industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed. 

The ACLC is a non-profit, peer-learning, member organization focused on accelerating the transition to value-based care. We have identified the organizational care-delivery competencies needed for providers to succeed in risk-bearing payment models. As the value-based care movement progresses, organizations are transitioning from “what to do” to “how to do it.” The ACLC brings together the top performers in value-based care and industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed.

In collaborative forums, members contribute their understanding and experience in the real world of value-based care implementation as they participate in developing a framework of competencies and building competency-specific resources and tools for their peers. Membership in the ACLC enhances market intelligence, provides peer-learning and networking, and offers a platform to make a difference to the industry. 

The ACLC is a merger of the Leavitt Partners Accountable Care Cooperative and the Brookings Institution’s ACO Learning Network – members of these organizations are the founding members of the ACLC. Former Secretary for Health and Human Services, Gov. Mike Leavitt, and Former Administrator for CMS, Dr. Mark McClellan are the co-founders of the ACLC.