ACO Leadership Team Assessment Scoring Methodology

Scoring the results of the ACO Leadership Team Assessment is an important step in the leadership team’s effort to understand what appears to be going well and what they might improve.

In our work with several ACO Leadership Cohort member organizations, we suggested a pass ("P") or fail ("F)" grading scale for each of the 13 questions in the leadership guide. Each question is scored as a pass ("P") based on whether 95% of the respondents indicate the organization's leaders behave in a manner consistent with the research findings. The 95% cut-off is set intentionally high to challenge leaders to be “the best they can be.” The purpose is to spur interest, not cast a final “Pass” or “Fail” judgement.

This scoring method in combination with a descriptive analysis of the answer options (% of “strongly agree” responses and so on) offer an approach that can help leaders narrow their focus on where and how to begin their pathway to success.