Accountable Care Atlas

A development guide for competency implementation


What is it?

The Accountable Care Atlas is the ACLC’s seminal resource intended to help the health care industry identify and prioritize the care delivery competencies necessary for success under risk-based payment. The Accountable Care Atlas is a culmination of the work of the ACLC members, organizing more than 160 competencies in context for implementation.

Why is it important?

While industry experts agree that value-based payment is the most promising path forward, there is significant uncertainty around how to achieve success under these new models. Not only do provider leaders struggle to know what changes must be made, but they need help knowing where to begin. Provider organizations must allocate their limited resources in a manner that aligns with their long-term value-based objectives, while increasing their likelihood of short-term success and sustainability.

Who will it benefit?

The Accountable Care Atlas is a public resource intended to serve all providers in their transitions to value. The Atlas is not specific to any payment model or provider type. In future iterations, the ACLC may develop more targeted versions of the tool.

How will it be used?

The Atlas provides a recommended general sequencing for value-based delivery changes. It is not a prescriptive guide! Provider organizations should use the Atlas to identify their current position on the path to value, plan next steps, and even recognize areas that may have been overlooked, all while also considering their unique circumstances and needs. The Atlas was designed to be detailed enough to be actionable, but simple enough to be customizable.

The Atlas is complemented by the Value Based Readiness Assessment, a tool to help provider leaders gain insights into their organization’s ability to transition to value-based payments.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about the Atlas or to contribute your insights, email Pam Schneider at

Watch a webinar introducing the Accountable Care Atlas here.





Accountable Care Atlas Committee

  • Jordan Asher, CCO, CIO, Ascension (Mission Point Health Partners)
  • Travis Broome, Policy Lead, Aledade
  • Sharon Donnelly, SVP, HealthInsight 
  • Chris Lloyd, CEO, Memorial Hermann
  • Bruce Meyer, CPE, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Stephen Nuckolls, CEO, Coastal Carolina ACO
  • Val Overton, VP Quality and Innovation, Fairview

Workgroup Chairs

  • Governance and Culture: Dr. Joel Reich, CMO & SVP for Medical Affairs, Eastern Connecticut Health Network
  • Financial Readiness: Jeff Lehrich, President, PPMCC, Inc.
  • Health IT: Dr. Karen Bell, Director, Center for Sustainable Health and Care, JBS International, Inc. 
  • Patient Risk Assessment/Care Coordination: Dr. Bruce Bagley, Senior Advisor, AMA
  • Quality: Dr. Todd Allen, Assistant Quality Officer, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Patient Centeredness: Michael Millenson, President, Healthcare Quality Advisors, LLC

Our Team

  • Daniel Chipping, Senior Manager, WGU
  • Tom Merrill, Consultant
  • John Poleman, Senior Director, Leavitt Partners
  • Kate de Lisle, Manager, Leavitt Partners
  • David Muhlestein, Chief Research Officer, Leavitt Partners

ACLC Members

  • You can find a full list of founding members here