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“Doctors Are Taught How To Cure People. But They Don’t Always Know How To Care For Them.” 

ACLC members are invited to attend exclusive events that we host throughout the year. We’re excited to have best-selling author, Dr. Robert Pearl on June 22, 2021 at 4pm ET for a book talk. During the talk, we will discuss his latest novel Uncaring and its deep dive into physician culture.  Leading up to the event we will release exclusive excerpts for ACLC members to download.  

Have questions that you want answered during the book talk? Submit them early! 

About Uncaring 

Hardly anyone is happy with American healthcare these days. Patients are getting sicker and going bankrupt from medical bills. Doctors are burning out and making dangerous mistakes. Both parties blame our nation’s outdated and dysfunctional healthcare system. But that’s only part of the problem. 

In this important and timely book, Dr. Robert Pearl shines a light on the unseen and often toxic culture of medicine. Today’s physicians have a surprising disdain for technology, an unhealthy obsession with status, and an increasingly complicated relationship with their patients. All of this can be traced back to their earliest experiences in medical school, where doctors inherit a set of norms, beliefs, and expectations that shape almost every decision they make, with profound consequences for the rest of us. 

Uncaring draws an original and revealing portrait of what it’s actually like to be a doctor. It illuminates the complex and intimidating world of medicine for readers, and in the end offers a clear plan to save American healthcare. 

**Profits from Uncaring will be donated to Doctors Without Borders

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