Competency Orientation Guides

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Each ACLC Competency Orientation Guide (COG) is a synthesis of important information gathered from a committee of provider and industry partner experts and learners regarding a specific value-based competency. Each COG includes the following: a competency framework that outlines the key elements of the competency, context around the competency, definitions of important terms, key insights, challenges, and suggested qualitative indicators of competency growth/success, as well as links to additional resources. The COG is a concise, two or three-page document created for health care industry executives to gain quick and important lessons that they can apply to their own organization.

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Competency Orientation Guide Example:

Competency: Data Aggregation

Value-based care models are causing providers to proactively seek out the neediest of patients which often requires the assimilation of multiple information streams to inform risk stratification efforts. This COG addresses the ways that organizations can formulate a strategy to integrate HIE data, ingest claims data from a payer partner, and seek out other crucial information sources to inform the care strategy.

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