Skills and Mindsets of Successful ACO Leadership Teams 


Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 2.22.57 PM This whitepaper presents skills and mindsets of successful ACO leadership teams and introduces a series of tools designed to aid ACO leaders in assessing and enhancing their leadership team skills. The whitepaper and tools were developed through research, cohort discussions and leadership strategy retreats with a cohort of healthcare thought leaders from a variety of institutions (see complete list below) and will prompt hesitant leaders to instigate local change and provide already-committed leaders the catalyst needed to accelerate the transformation underway.

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  • Travis Broome, VP, Policy and ACO Administration, Aledade
  • Rachel Raymond, AVP, Population Health Solutions, Ascension Health
  • Kramer Schmidt, Senior Director, Ascension Health
  • Michael Gardner, VP, Business Development, Ascension Health
  • Logan Pigg, Senior Director, Business Intelligence, Ascension Health
  • Fahad Tahir, President and CEO, Ascension Health
  • Jason Clark, VP, Provider Networks, Ascension Health
  • Lara Fowler, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Ascension Health
  • Louis Lapiana, VP, Plan Development, Ascension Health
  • Dave Pruce, Regional Technology Officer, Ascension Health
  • Jordan Asher, Chief Clinical Officer, Ascension Health
  • Marla Pantano, VP, Chief Actuary, Ascension Health
  • Al Kurose, President and CEO, Coastal Medical
  • Beth Thomas, Interim CMO, Fairview Health Services
  • Patrick Adams, Chief of Staff, Fairview Health Services
  • Bob Beacher, President, Pharmacy and Shared Clinical Services, Fairview Health Services
  • Laura Reed, Chief Nurse Executive, Fairview Health Services
  • Rene’ Coult-Calendine, VP, Business Development, Fairview Health Services
  • Sally Wahman, Chief Operating Officer, Fairview Health Services
  • Val Overton, VP, Quality and Innovation, Fairview Health Services
  • Jeoff Will, Chief Operating Officer, Fairview Health Services
  • Kevin Nelson, President, Fairview Physician Associates, Fairview Health Services
  • Andy McCoy, VP, Revenue Management, Fairview Health Services
  • James Hereford, President and CEO, Fairview Health Services
  • Carolyn Jacobson, Chief Human Resource Officer, Fairview Health Services
  • Kathryn Correia, Chief Administrative Officer, Fairview Health Services
  • Patrick Herson, System Executive, Fairview Health Services
  • Denise Patriaco, Regional Director, Population Health, Hackensack ACO
  • Peter Gross, Chair, ACO Board of Managers, Hackensack ACO
  • Mitch Easton, ACO Data Analyst, Hackensack ACO
  • Linda Naughton, Clinical Supervisor, Hackensack ACO
  • Edward Gold, VP, and CMO, Hackensack ACO
  • Morey Menacker, President and CEO, Hackensack ACO
  • Betsy Johnson, President and CEO, MaineHealth ACO
  • Jen Moore, Chief Operating Officer, MaineHealth ACO
  • Cindy Tack, Senior Director, Clinical Initiatives, MaineHealth ACO
  • Martha Ridge, Sr. Director, Network Development and Management, MaineHealth ACO
  • Ryan Wrisley, Sr. Director, Data Operations and Analysis, MaineHealth ACO
  • Tracy Callahan, Sr. Director, ACO Performance, MaineHealth ACO
  • Mark Fulton, Physician Data Scientist, MaineHealth ACO
  • Rhonda Dolley, Sr. Director, Administration, MaineHealth ACO
  • Shunichi Homma, Chief Medical Officer, NewYork Quality Care
  • Joy Gelbman, MD, Cardiovascular disease, NewYork Quality Care
  • Adam Stracher, Chief Medical Officer, NewYork Quality Care
  • William Higgins, VP, Regional Executive Medical Director, NewYork Quality Care
  • Elaine Fleck, Associate Chief Medical Officer, NewYork Quality Care
  • Siqin Ye, Associate Chief Medical Officer, NewYork Quality Care
  • Paul Casale, ACO Executive, NewYork Quality Care
  • David Alge, Chief Operating Officer, NewYork Quality Care
  • Michael Breslin, Chief Financial Officer, NewYork Quality Care
  • Edwin Estevez, Chief Executive Officer, RGV ACO
  • Jose Soto, Patient Representative, RGV ACO
  • Dr. Jose Peńa, President, RGV ACO
  • Dr. Manual Moquete, Medical Director, RGV ACO
  • Dr. Peñalo, ACO Participant, RGV ACO
  • Joel James, Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Signature Medical Group

Our Team

  • Greg Kotzbauer, Visiting Fellow at the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy
  • Daniel Chipping, Senior Manager, Accountable Care Learning Collaborative
  • Zoë Heins, Senior Associate, Leavitt Partners

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