Member Benefits

When you become a member of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative, you support the goal of increasing the value of health services for patients, providers, and payers  — both as an individual leader and as part of a collaborative network of value-oriented industry influencers.

Your membership benefits are what will help you succeed. 

Educational Opportunities:
The ACLC offers our members certificates and peer learning (roundtable discussions with experts, webinars, bootcamps, workgroups and more), increasing your knowledge and giving you the practical skills to put that knowledge to work.

The ACLC Community is an online platform that provides the opportunity for networking with peers, organic conversation, and collaboration with peer groups around topics important to your organization’s strategic priorities in health value.

The ACLC’s intelligence resources focus on value-based topics as well as value-specific industry activities. We offer case studies, whitepapers, a Health Value Assessment, and more. All resources are accessible through the ACLC Community.

Networking & Events:
As a member of the ACLC, you can join programmed events as well as communicate with other members directly via a member directory within the Community platform. Members of the ACLC receive discounted prices to in-person and virtual events, including exclusive member-only events as well as some partner events.

Enterprise Membership Benefits

We offer Enterprise Memberships for organizations. Benefits include all of the above, plus:

Receive brand recognition on the Community platform with your own organization page , with a description of your organization’s health value efforts.

Industry Partner Enterprise Members have the option to place a banner on the community platform for 30 days, included with membership, while receiving discounts on additional sponsorship opportunities.

Member Resources

The ACLC resources are all housed in the online community platform.

    Resources include:

    • The Atlas: The Health Value Atlas is the seminal resource intended to help the health care industry identify and prioritize care delivery competencies necessary for success under risk-based payment.
    • Case Studies: Each case study is a brief document highlighting a specific provider organization’s effort in developing a specific value-based capability. Want to connect with the organization? Click here. Want to engage the community on this topic? Join the group [link to member login -.
    • Intelligence Briefs: Each intelligence brief is an analysis of key value-based market activity, or payment-model updates. Click here to see our list of recent and upcoming publications. Click here to produce a brief with us!
    • Whitepapers and tools: Our whitepapers and tools are the result of convening groups of industry experts for in-depth discussion and peer-learning on a specific organizational capability.
    • Slide Decks: Each slide deck shares important research on value-based activity. Slides may be used by members to enhance your presentations.
    • Assessments: Assessments measure individual and/or organizational proficiency in health value. Assessments may also be used as educational tools.
    • On-Demand Videos: Each webinar, peer learning session, or other meeting is recorded and made available for members to access.
    • Events: The ACLC hosts a number of peer learning, collaborative and educational events throughout the year, both exclusive to members and in partnership with other groups committed to health value. Click here to add the Institute to your upcoming event.