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  • Competency Orientation Guides
  • Peer Learning
  • Value-based Educational Products
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  • Contribute to intelligence 
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ACLC intelligence focuses on value-based competencies as well as value-specific industry activities and updates.

Intelligence Briefs Prompt summaries of market activities and government regulatory announcements.
Case Study Briefs Concise two-page briefs that highlight a provider organization’s value-based programs, successes, barriers and lessons related to a specific competency.
Competency Orientation Guides Concise two-page synthesis of key lessons and resources identified by a committee of experts related to a specific competency.
Peer Learning Facilitated discussions (committees) with a group of provider and industry partner members and expert guests (as appropriate) related to a specific competency.
Value-Based Educational Products Degrees, certificates and micro-credentials focused on reskilling and upskilling workforce in value-based competencies.
Value-Based Strategy Assessment A survey tool for an organization to assess its strengths and weaknesses in core value-based competencies.
Newsletter Summary news report of important health care events that occurred during the week as well as announcements of upcoming events. Note, the newsletter is available to the public.
Podcast Weekly podcast episodes featuring members and guest in their value efforts. Note, the podcast is available to the public.


ACLC networks focus on connecting value-minded health care professionals for peer learning and relationship building.

Peer Learning Participate in, or observe, facilitated committee discussions with a group of provider and industry partner members and expert guests (as appropriate) related to a specific competency.
Member Events Attend two in-person events each year where you can join or observe committees, network with peers and other value-minded professionals, and hear keynote messages from industry leaders in value. Note: these meetings will be virtual until it is once again safe to convene in-person.
Social Media

Engage with us on social media - Post about your own efforts in value - Use these hashtags: #valuebasedcare #populationhealth #racetovalue

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Industry Success

The ACLC mission is to accelerate industry success, because your organization will only succeed in value if the industry makes value work. Sharing your success and lessons is an important way to give back to others as they begin or advance on their journey.

Contribute to intelligence

Be featured in a CSB. Participate in a committee. Be a guest on the Race To Value podcast. Or nominate others for these opportunities.

Note: you don’t have to be an ACLC member to nominate

Inform peer learning Take our survey to recommend competency topics for peer learning. Participate on competency peer-learning committees.
Volunteer for the ACLC speaker circuit Be an ACLC featured speaker at NAACOs, IHI, NAHQ, Population Health Colloquium and more.
Leverage social media

Ask your questions. Respond to conversations. Post about your organization’s efforts.

If it’s related to value and you think our network will value from seeing it, use these hashtags: #valuebasedcare and #racetovalue