April Peer Learning Session

Mercy PLS-1

Virtual Palliative Care + Complex Disease Management as a Key Population Health Strategy

April 20th, 1pm ET

For this peer learning session, our facilitated discussion will focus on the case study brief, Virtual Palliative Care added to Virtual Management of Complex Chronic Disease as a Key Population Health Strategy: Mercy's approach.

Mercy Virtual is a first-of-its-kind continuum of care model entirely supported by virtual teams and technology. Palliative care is a crucial part of management for Mercy patients with complex care needs. The Palliative Care Team at Mercy helps to initiate conversations about treatment preferences and enables goal-concordant care that results in high satisfaction and lower acute care utilization and costs for patients with serious illness. Join us in a peer learning conversation with Mercy's Dr. Kirsten Dunn, vEngagement Physician, and Dr. Michelle Goetz, Internal Medicine and Palliative Care Physician.

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