Overview of the Digital Health Landscape

ACLC Intelligence Brief

This brief is made available for download courtesy our partners at Innovaccer.

While the health care system has been gradually transitioning to a more tech-enabled industry for several years, certain structural and cultural barriers have curtailed the wide-spread adoption of many technologies. But in a matter of months, the global pandemic has fast tracked digital health care trends that have been primed and ready for greater investment and implementation. During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, technology has become a lifeline – necessary for receiving care, learning about the virus and safety protocols, projecting spread and health system capacity, communicating with loved ones, and more. As a greater number of payers and providers adopt value-based payment arrangements and innovative data management and analytic solutions emerge, digital tools will enable the collection and analysis of robust patient data to inform population health management strategies and equip providers to creatively inform and transform their approach to care delivery.

What is your digital health strategy? Dive into this brief that takes a detailed look at the digital health landscape, analyzes trends and recent merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, and outlines expectations for the future.