Terry Starbuck

Work Group Manager, Accountable Care Learning Collaborative

Terry Starbuck is the Governance work group manager. She is also an associate for Leavitt Partners based in Washington, D.C. As an associate, Terry performs a range of research-related functions and supports clients in a wide range of initiatives regarding health care strategy, market research, and data analysis.

Prior to joining Leavitt Partners, Terry was a management fellow with Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) where she completed a series of rotations with various CTCA medical centers. During her time at Southwestern Regional Medical Center, she managed the application process for CMS CMMI Oncology Care Model grant and combined field intelligence and conducted research on reimbursement rates as a percentage of Medicare. She later collected data on oncology-specific ACOs and authored recommendations on three CMMI initiatives as a fellow at Leavitt Partners.

Terry received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Notre Dame.