Jill Donovan, MSHCA

Principal, Leavitt Partners

Jill Donovan is a principal based in Salt Lake City. As a principal, Jill specializes in Alternative Payment Models and Care Delivery.

Prior to joining Leavitt Partners, Jill was a Vice President and General Manager at Landmark Health where she oversaw a highly innovative care delivery...

John Poelman, MPH

Senior Director, Leavitt Partners

John Poelman is the Executive Director of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative. In this role he oversees the execution of the Collaborative’s mission to accelerate the accountable care movement and supplies members with actionable intelligence.

Mr. Poelman is also a Senior Director...

Kate de Lisle, BS

Manager, Leavitt Partners

Kate de Lisle is an Analyst for the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative. As an analyst, Kate contributes intelligence on the accountable care movement through primary and secondary research, nationally tracking and monitoring ACOs and the transition to value-based care more broadly. Kate is...

David Muhlestein, PhD

Chief Research Officer, Leavitt Partners

David Muhlestein is Senior Advisor for the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative. Mr. Muhlestein is also a Senior Director of Research and Development at Leavitt Partners. He directs the study of accountable care organizations through the LP Center for Accountable Care Intelligence and leads...

Zoe Heins

Senior Associate, Leavitt Partners

Zoë Heins is a Senior Associate at Leavitt Partners, where one of her primary roles is supporting the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC). In this role she she staffs provider committees focused on discussing the key competencies necessary for success under value, and develops...