CareAsOne Virtual Summit 2020 Summary

  • Published on:
  • November 23, 2020

Over the last three days, innovators, healthcare leaders, executives, and tech experts gathered virtually to reflect and strategize on healthcare’s digital age and to discuss the implications of COVID-19 for the future of the industry. The inaugural CareAsOne Summit focused on the theme Health 2030: The Digital Future of Health Care and included nearly twenty sessions featuring major industry leaders who explored the “new normal’ for healthcare policy and strategy. As a partner for the event, the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative sees the CareAsOne virtual summit, and other like forums that share cross-industry insights, as key to accelerating the transition to a digitally-enabled, value-based health system. 

This brief summarizes each session from the multi-day conference, including the speakers, topics, and highlights from the discussion.