Designing a Provider-Driven Platform - Signature Medical Group

  • Published on:
  • February 3, 2020

Provider: Signature Medical Group

Background: Shortly after joining CMS’ Bundled Payments Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative in 2014, Signature Medical Group (SMG) discovered that its existing health information technology (HIT) platforms were ill-equipped to facilitate effective episodic care management. Signature wanted a care management tool that would not only ease its transition into bundled payments and other value-based models by providing important and timely information regarding patients’ status, anticipated needs, and treatment plans within an episode of care, but also one that could be customizable to its diverse population of physicians. Unsatisfied with the market offerings and interested in developing its own custom solution, SMG opted to build a homegrown HIT solution for care management within episodic bundles and other value-based arrangements. SMG leadership invested in building a solution called CareMOSAIC, believing the experience would be an invaluable exercise for expanding its internal capabilities and understanding of model methodologies and needs.