Finding Gratitude in Suffering: A Message to Leaders in the Health Value Movement

  • Published on:
  • November 22, 2021

During the season of Thanksgiving, I hope that each of you find a moment for gratitude and reflection. This is a wonderful time to meditate, spend time with family, and contemplate all of the blessings amidst a turbulent year. Finding gratitude during times of turbulence should serve as an eternal and immutable bond within humanity that transcends all cultures and ideologies. However, gratitude does not come easy in a world ailing from political polarization, cultural tribalism, social injustice, ecological crisis, income inequality, and health inequity. It was due to my own sufferings that I have became interested in the spirituality of gratitude. My longing to find profound appreciation for the present moment has awakened me to the liberation of the incessant thinking mind which is the root cause of all psychological suffering. Finding peace and equanimity in reflection of gratitude provides the loving awareness to transcend the pain of impermanence in a chaotic world.

As leaders in the value-based care movement, we must take solace in knowing that we are doing our part to mitigate suffering in our world. We strive to improve population health outcomes in marginalized and minoritized communities by realizing that value and equity in health are synonymous. We serve those afflicted with chronic disease and behavior health disorders as an extension of our spirit. We look to mitigate the opportunity costs of perpetuating the medical-industrial complex that profits at the expense of future generations. We attempt to end suffering in our workforce dealing with moral injury from both a flawed fee-for-service system and the unrelenting scourge of COVID-19.  Well, there is hope and that is what we should be thankful for!  There is hope that we, as leaders of industry, can recognize the moral imperatives of value-based care to reimagine our health system.

I thank each and every one of you who persevere to find gratitude in suffering.  Your leadership in Advancing Health Value is our north star. You take the road less travelled, and that will make all the difference for the future of our country’s health and prosperity.  Wishing you joy and peace during this Thanksgiving holiday. May this serve as a time for renewal in gratitude to carry you forward to 2022 and beyond.


Executive Director, Accountable Care Learning Collaborative