Revealing Value: Price Transparency in Healthcare

  • Published on:
  • September 14, 2021

Listen to Matt Dale, CEO of Point Health & Dr. Eric Weaver, Executive Director of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative, in conversation with award-winning author, Marshall Allen, as they discussed his newest release, "Never Pay the First Bill" and ACLC & Point Health's recent brief on hospital price transparency.

Read our (free!) brief Revealing Value? Hospital Price Transparency to learn about how price transparency is a lever for advancing value-based care and payment models. In theory, recent regulations from HHS promote accessibility of price information from hospitals that should aid in comparisons across facilities. The reality is not so clear-cut. This brief discusses how you might harness hospital price data to inform your value strategies.

Never Pay the First Bill is a primer for anyone who wants to fight the predatory health care system--and win. Every year, millions of Americans are overcharged and underserved while the health care industry makes record profits. We know something is wrong, but the layers of bureaucracy designed to discourage complaints make pushing back seem impossible. At least, this is what the health care power players want you to think. Never Pay the First Bill is the guerilla guide to health care the American people and employers need. Drawing on 15 years of investigating the health care industry, Marshall Allen shows how companies and individuals have managed to force medical providers to play fair, and shows how you can, too. 

About the speakers:

Marshall Allen is the author of “Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win.” Marshall spent 15 years investigating the health care system as a journalist, including a decade as a reporter for ProPublica.  He is a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and recipient of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting. He has also taught investigative reporting for more than a decade. Before he was in journalism, Marshall spent five years in full-time ministry, including three years in Nairobi, Kenya. He now runs Allen Health Academy to help boost the health care literacy of working Americans.”

Matt Dale is the CEO of Point Health. Matt’s career with healthcare began in 2000 when The Karis Group was in financial constraints and his father asked him to come work (for no pay) as a patient advocate right when Matt was graduating from college. He took on the challenge. From there, Matt worked for Karis for nearly a decade before leaving to found a series of successful startups which he grew to the point of acquisition. His ultimate mission, making accessible and quality healthcare a human right for all, brought him back to The Karis Group in 2017 to take responsibility as Vice President of Strategic Planning. In 2020 he became CEO and oversaw the acquisition of The Karis Group by Point Health.

Dr. Eric Weaver is the Executive Director of the ACLC. He is nationally-recognized for his work in primary care transformation and value-based care. Before he joined the ACLC, he was a corporate vice president for Innovista Health Solutions, a population health management services organization, where he oversaw enterprise capital investment strategy and technology adoption. Prior to his work at Innovista, he was the President and CEO of the Austin, Texas-based Integrated ACO – one of the most successful physician-led Accountable Care Organizations in the country.

This webinar was sponsored by our partner, Point Health.