September 14, 3PM EDT

Meeting Patients ‘Where They Are’ Through Home Hospital: Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

For this peer learning session, our facilitated discussion will focus on the case study brief, Meeting Patients ‘Where They Are’ Through Home Hospital, featuring Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  

Home hospital, where acute care services are delivered within a patient’s residence, has been an innovative care model in the US for the last 25 years. But recent CMS regulatory enablements facilitated by the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency have accelerated the proliferation of these models. The Home Hospital program at Brigham & Women’s was one of the first hospitals approved under the Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver and their program has demonstrated improvements in care utilization and physical activity of patients, with excellent quality and experience outcomes. Join us in a peer learning discussion with Dr. David Levine, MD, MPH, MA, Clinician-Investigator at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.