Solution Snapshot: Call for Nominations

Solution Snapshots are concise, at-a-glance summaries of novel programs being successfully carried out by provider organizations of varying configurations, sizes, and markets. As the ACLC seeks to systematically catalogue the essential value-based competencies for success under value-based contracts, the Snapshots serve as an additional level of detail to guide the implementation efforts of provider executives, bridging the Competency statements of the Atlas and the more detailed Case Study Briefs and forthcoming Competency Implementation Guides.

Provider organizations who submit a Snapshot will be eligible for an ACLC membership discount and early access to the Snapshot library, in addition to other member benefits.

Note: Non-providers are eligible to nominate provider partners (clients) for a Solution Snapshot. Fill out the same form below and indicate the relationship to the provider in the description field.

Timeline: the Snapshot Library will go online Fall of 2018 for Snapshot contributors and Spring of 2019 for the general public. 

Please fill out the form below, describing your proposed program ("Solution") to be featured in a Solution Snapshot. We'll follow-up with the next steps.