The below resources offer education and insight into maximizing the effectiveness of the VBRA:

One-Pager: A one-page overview of the VBRA tool that introduces the design, methodology and process. Also includes benefits and testimonials.

Slides: Slides about the VBRA that can be used in communicating the value of the VBRA within your organization.

Web-based results dashboard: A customized dashboard that allows the organization to “dive deep” into their survey response data (only available to organizations that select the option to receive ACLC assistance with the VBRA)

Executive Summary Sample Report: This PDF is a synopsis of a more in-depth web-based tool that organizations may access to better understand and analyze their response data.

Guidebook: The Guidebook is designed to assist an organization to self-administer and analyze the VBRA. The interactive PDF includes an implementation guide, analytic guide, marketing materials, respondent template, definitions and references.

Charter: A tool for creating an organizational strategy around survey planning and implementation as well as improvement efforts based on identified gaps.

References: This document combines all of the references and sources listed in the VBRA into one place for easy access.

Definitions: This document combines all of the terminology and definitions listed in the VBRA into one place for easy access.

Case Study Briefs: These 2 page briefs each highlight a specific organization in their efforts to develop and implement a specific competency.